Atlas Pizza

Atlas Pizza offers you delicious food, prepared only with fresh and healthy ingredients.


A modern, simple and convenient way to order your favourite food.

Atlas Pizza

Atlas Pizza

Welcome to Atlas Pizza, we offer you the most delicious dishes prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients. We invite you to come and enjoy a special moment.
Here you have many options to choose from. Check out our great variety of dishes.
Order Online or by phone and enjoy our special discounts.
We hope you enjoy your visit. Bon appétit!

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Quality score

  • El Mapache

    El Mapache El Mapache

    -Their spinach pizza is the best fast food pizza I've ever had. I've had some better pizza but for waaaayyy more money. You definitely have to try that one.-
  • Douna Husin

    Douna Husin Douna Husin

    -This little corner of heavens serves delicious food, has a nice eating area and great customer service. I ordered the veggie poutine and was pleasantly surprised by the richness of their sauce and the variety of toppings, kinda tasted like french onion soupe! The eating area is small yet homey; they are an byob i think so it adds to their charm. Really all the best.-
  • Jona Bouchard

    Jona Bouchard Jona Bouchard

    -Very good pizza, i got an all dressed and there was a lot on it, very happy !! The service was very good, the girl at the counter was happy and very nice with me. Also, my pizza was ready in 25 min as they told me. Thanks again.-
  • Yanick

    Yanick Yanick

    -Chicken bacon ranch and chicken wing, honestly best pizza out here and finally decent size wings for once. Much love for the team ?-
  • Eri Harada

    Eri Harada Eri Harada

    -Had pizza "Monte Carlo." Best pickle in the galaxy. Might take my crush here and propose to him. Je t'adore Gorgonzola -
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